Chadwick fall : Shimla

2 11 2008

Chadwick Falls are located about7-8 kms from Shimla and a must see place for tourists travelling to Shimla.This fall can be approached through Summer Hills.One can reach here by walking for about 45 minutes, alternatively one may hire a shared taxi.

Located at a height of about 1500-1600 meters this fall gives a beautiful glimpse of nature.Chadwick is a 67 metre waterfall cascading into a deep gorge. Chadwick fall is a rain-fed fall and so I will advice everyone to visit this fall during or just after monsoons.During this season there is more water and you will love the dazzling of fall from summit to the ground.

Chadwick fall is surrounded by beautiful thick green forest from all its site.Being here makes a feeling as if you are in the lap of nature.The standing woods make the place look all the more exotic and ravishing.The pace of the waterfall is very fast. The sight of this bubbling waterfall will soothe one’s eyes and make him wonder at nature’s wondrous bounty.

Located nearby are some old temples which you can see.A fair is held here in the month of April and you can see this fair if you visit this place during this month.

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